Crimea Updates 3/6/2014-3/9/2014

3/6/2014 Update

  • Crimean Parliament asks to join Ukraine (The new pro-Russian Crimean authorities, who took power on 27 February, were established at gunpoint.Despite Putin’s rhetoric about a ‘coup’ in Kiev, the real coup was in Crimea. After the Crimean Parliament had rallied FOR unity with Ukraine, the Crimean Assembly building was taken over by Berkut militia and ‘irregulars.’ Many of these ‘irregulars’ were allegedly fleeing from their crimes against demonstrators in Kiev. A referendum will take place on March 16th, it is unlikely to be a free and fair election. It is also unconstiutional as only a national referendum would allow for the nations borders to change.)
  • The new Parliament in Kyiv had been criticized for passing a law that makes Ukrainian the official language of Ukraine as harmful to the Russian minority. This linguistic map demonstrates that there is no imminent threat to Russian speakers in Ukraine. Most of Ukraine is Russian, or a Russian/Ukrainian mix or creole, thus ensuring that Russian speakers will be will preserved. Linguistic map of Ukraine
    Linguistic map of Ukraine
  • Russian state owned Gazprom to cancel contractual subsidies on Ukranian Gas imports (Aside from military action, this is Russia’s big stick against Ukraine. The end of Ukrainian reliance on Russian gas supplies may be a huge boon for Ukraine’s long term economic reform because Russia is ending subsidies that Ukrainian politicians have been unable to end due to political unpopularity.)


Summary of the Crimean Crisis 3/7/2014 & 3/8/2014:

  • Although the situation seemed to be deescalating earlier in the week and the news cycle has moved on to the Malaysian jet crash, over the last few days the amount of uncertainty has increased. 

Summary of Crimean Crisis 3/9/14:

  • Freindly guide to debunking Russian propaganda:

Page 2

Page 2


Page 1

Page 1




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