Crimea Update 3/10/2014-3/12/2014

Upate 3/10/14:

  • What does Putin want (negotiating points):
  •  Stall signing of EU Association Agreement
  •  Greater control over gas transit to EU
  •  Genuine concern over safety of ethnic Russians (although threat exaggureated)
  •  Coalition government in Kyiv with pro-moscow representatio
  •  Head off economic sanctons
  •  Putin viewed as strong leader
  •  Privitization of Naftogas w/ Russia as a bidder?
  •  Repeal language law which eroded Russian language status

Crimea Update 3/11/14

  • Economic sanctions may not be enough if Putin becomes isolationist. Putin’s domestic approval rating is at a two year high due to the invasion of Crimea. A Western political model is approval though economic development; Putin may run the Russian economy into the ground, but keep civilians under his thumb by projecting that he is increasing Russia’s influence as an international power:

Crimea Update:



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